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With the introduction of new standards and laws on environmental and health protection, new obligations were defined for manufacturers. The political goal of reducing the amount of waste and promoting resource-saving use of materials also led to the introduction of numerous new regulations. The legal matter is complex and can be difficult for manufacturers to implement, especially if they are not only active within Germany. Individual examinations and revisions of your obligations will help you to fulfill your duties.

Obligation analysis according to WEEE, packaging & battery directives

The European WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), the Packaging Directive and the Battery Directive form the basis on which the EU member states have defined the legal framework of Extended Producer Responsibility (ERP). CERTIFY is familiar with all laws, regulations and guidelines – both in Germany and the other countries of the EU as well as in Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.

We analyze your corporate obligations arising from the law, study your internal processes in an uncomplicated examination and revision procedure if you wish, and provide you with comprehensive advice based on the results. In addition to our professional advice, we can also act as your authorized representative, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. If you manufacture, import, export or trade electrical and electronic equipment, packaging or batteries, we are your contact.

100% legal compliance with CERTIFY
CERTIFY offers you legally sound solutions and services that impress through efficiency and smooth processes. We relieve you of your duties so that you can concentrate on your main business. Enjoy 100 % legal compliance!

Tasks & individual services

CERTIFY checks for you which obligations and laws your company is subject to. The first step is to determine what role you play in terms of the law. Your obligations can be derived from this. In principle, the manufacturer is the most important main addressee who is affected by the EPR directives and therefore the respective national laws. However, you are not only considered a manufacturer if you have the products made yourself, but also if you trade them in your own (brand) name. As an importer, you can, without being aware of it, place the product on the market for the first time and thus, be subject to registration. Therefore, an in-depth look is a fundamental measure, the result of which is decisive for the subsequent decisions.

This first step is followed by a comprehensive obligation analysis. Depending on various criteria, such as device, packaging or battery types, quantities of goods, distribution channels for your products and the materials used, we will draw up a complete As-Is analyzation for you. This results in the steps that your company must carry out or that we can take over for you. We can take care of all your obligations, such as filings with the authorities, quantity reports, notification obligations, registration for a take-back scheme, the disposal of old devices in compliance with the installation and collection regulations and the correct labeling of products, batteries and packaging.

As the distributor, how do you benefit from the examination and revision?

The national implementations of the WEEE directive, the packaging and battery directives are complex legal areas that are difficult to comprehend due to the different official languages. With CERTIFY you have complete legal certainty. Our experts observe national and international law during the examination and revision, create a needs profile and will be happy to support you in implementing the necessary steps. Our obligation analysis will give you clarity about what obligations you have under which laws, what deadlines you have to observe for registrations and various reports, and how you can save costs.

However, a one-off review of your entrepreneurial obligations is not enough. CERTIFY keeps track of legislative changes in over 30 countries. If necessary, we will inform you about legal changes and tell you what you have to do or what we are doing for you to ensure legal compliance.

Always up to date with CERTIFY

Our principles are flexibility, legal certainty, proactive action, customer-oriented communication, and efficiency. We focus our approach on finding a customized solution for you that is both cost-effective and low-risk for you. Our full-service takes care of the entire process with regard to the WEEE, packaging and battery directives. This allows you to focus on research and development while we take care of the legal issues concerning EPR in your target country. Just send us an inquiry and give us a chance to impress you with our expertise and service!

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