LUCID Registration

Obligation to register in the LUCID packaging register

The Packaging Act has been in force since January 1, 2019 and imposes new regulations on retailers, manufacturers and importers. As part of the system participation obligation, this also includes registration with LUCID, a register designed to put an end to the distribution of unauthorized packaging and promote recycling and environmental protection.

LUCID – Why do you have to be registered?

LUCID is the public registry where all distributors of packaging on the German market must register before they are allowed to sell any product. This register is used for the monitoring of distributors, packaging quantities and types of packaging on the German market, as well as for the inspection of the disposal schemes and the payment of disposal fees. LUCID is operated by the Central Packaging Register Office (“Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister, aka ZSVR”), which, as an authority entrusted by the German Federal Environment Agency, is the responsible body for the implementation of the Packaging Act and thus has all sovereign rights in relation to the law “VerpackG”. Once you have successfully registered, you prove that you comply with all obligations of the law – including reporting sold amounts and paying disposal fees.

If you import a packaged product from abroad to Germany, you are considered a manufacturer subjected to the law and are obliged to register at LUCID. The distribution method (online or stationary) is just as irrelevant as the retail level. The only exceptions are service packaging for prepared meals, carrier bags and disposable cups for coffee or similar. Here, it is not the retailer but the pre-distribution stage that is responsible.

You need an authorized representative within the meaning of the Packaging Act if you, as a foreign company without a German branch, want to import packaging or packaged goods into Germany and sell them in your own name. For the duration of the authorization, the authorized representative assumes all tasks that arise for you as a company from the Packaging Act, for example, the conclusion of a contract with a tacke-back scheme, the return of transport packaging, the quantity reports, declaration of completeness and more. However, you must also register with LUCID independently if you appoint an authorized representative. Please note that you must conclude the contract with your legal representative before the registration. CERTIFY offers such authorized representative services – you are welcome to call us!

We support you in your duties
With CERTIFY you have an experienced and capable partner at your hand. We ensure that all information for a successful LUCID registration is present, act as your authorized representative if desired, and provide you with comprehensive advice on all issues relating to the Packaging Act (VerpackG).

What is required for registration at LUCID?

In order to register, you must submit your master data to the “Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister”. This includes the name of your company, an e-mail address, and the contact of the responsible person and a responsible employee. You will then receive a temporary registration number and be entered in the producer register. In turn, you will need the registration number in order to conclude a system participation contract with a take-back scheme, which you have committed yourself to by registering.

What we can do you

CERTIFY supports you throughout the entire registration process with both LUCID and the take-back scheme. We advise you on your obligations under the Packaging Act, compile the necessary information and documents, and ensure a smooth process. We align our professional services to your needs and, if commissioned accordingly, are happy to take on the role of the authorized representative as well. Our experts are not only familiar with German laws, but also with international regulations. Trust CERTIFY and save time, money and effort.

What is the Central Packaging Register Foundation?

The ZSVR is a agency under private law that fulfills the role of the Central Body provided for in §§ 24-30 VerpackG. The function of the agency and its statutes have been recognized by the German Federal Environment Agency.

LUCID registration by CERTIFY

We at CERTIFY offer a comprehensive service for dealers, manufacturers, and distributors – throughout Germany and internationally. You too can benefit from our experience, legal expertise, and industry knowledge. We support you with the LUCID registration, take care of the registration at the take-back schemes and make sure that everything is legally compliant and transparent. Get in touch with us! We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.

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