Regular declarations and quantity reports at ear & LUCID

Since the EPR lawscame into force, certain parties are not only obliged to register and conclude contracts with disposal systems, but also must submit so-called declarations and reports on a regular basis determining how much of what was sold over the term of a specific time frame. The overarching goal of the EU directives, which form the basis of the laws, are environmental and health protection, responsible use of resources and a reduction in electrical, battery and packaging waste.

Why notify how much you sold?

The declarationsare used for the proportionate calculation of disposal costs and membership fees. Large quantities result in higher costs, smaller amounts may be covered through minimum fees so that small businesses don’t face uneconomically high costs. All parties face expenses corresponding to their business size.

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Who is obliged to report?

As a rule of thumb, you can remember that those who are obliged to register with national authorities must also submit declarations. This means that all distributors, whether manufacturers, dealers or importers, are affected by the reporting obligation.

What needs to be reported?

You report the types of devices, material or batteries you sell or use for transportation in either kilograms, tons or pieces depending on the national requirements. You start with the forecastwith which you estimate how high the quantity will be in the following year. During the year, you report the quantity actually sold in the previous period (year, quarter, month – again depending on individual conditions). If you only launched operation during the year, so that no planned quantity report was possible, you only submit the reportduring the year. In the following year, you submit a year-end report that summarizes or, if necessary, corrects those reports you’ve made during the year.

All in all the number of mandatory declarations may be as little as 3 if you are affected by only on area in one country or as high as 42 per country if you are affected by monthly reports in all three areas in one single country.

Considering one single declaration generally takes approx. 30 minutes (assuming you have a high level of experience in aggregating key figures and filing reports) to prepare, calculate and submit, you may face 21 hours of work only for declarations in one country per year. Combining these 21 hours with your salary per working hour, CERTIFY’s full-service is both less expensive and more efficient for you, since you only fill in our easy to use and well-developed Excel-Tool which you simply send us via e-mail.

Deadlines, violations, and fines

Failure to report in a timely manner can result in severe sanctions as well as failure to register in the first place.

Fines and sanctions vary from country to country and start as low as 50 EUR but can at the same time reach 2 Million EUR plus prison time for not complying with the EPR laws since those violations may be considered environmental terrorism in some countries if intentional breach can be proven.

Die Ordnungswidrigkeit kann in den Fällen des Absatzes 1 Nummer 1 bis 9, 12 und 13a mit einer Geldbuße bis zu hunderttausend Euro, in den übrigen Fällen mit einer Geldbuße bis zu zehntausend Euro geahndet werden.

Die Ordnungswidrigkeit kann in den Fällen des Absatzes 1 Nummer 3, 4, 12, 13 und 18 mit einer Geldbuße bis zu zweihunderttausend Euro, in den Fällen des Absatzes 1 Nummer 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25 und 26 mit einer Geldbuße bis zu hunderttausend Euro und in den übrigen Fällen mit einer Geldbuße bis zu zehntausend Euro geahndet werden.

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Compliance with all deadlines and accurate reporting of the quantities towards national authorities and take-back schemes is a demanding and time-consuming task. CERTIFY is your reliable and competent partner who ensures that everything runs in accordance with the law as well as on time. Don’t hesitate contacting us and convince yourself of our affordable, professional service and our experience!

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