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Obligations acc. Extended Producer Responsibility in the EU

In many countries, labeling and information requirements have been implemented in recent years that must be observed by distributors (manufacturers, distributors and importers). Labeling and information requirements are there to inform the end user about materials, ingredients and disposal so that material flows can be directed to their recycling and the amount of unusable residual waste is minimized. This is intended to preserve resources and prevent environmentally harmful disposal and low-grade recycling of waste.

Labeling obligations

Are mostly symbols or pictograms and must be displayed on products and/or product packaging.

These include, for example:

  • CE Mark
  • Energylabel
  • Crossed out garbage can

Also known are:

  • Green Dot
  • TRIMAN & Sorting information
  • Sorting note in Italian acc. CONAI
  • UKCA Label
  • Tidyman
  • Moebius strip
  • Material code
  • Recycled content
  • Recyclability
  • Content of substances harmful to the environment and health

Information obligations

Are mostly symbols and/or texts and alphanumeric codes. They must be visible on accompanying documents, invoices, delivery bills and the website.

These include, for example:

  • National Registration IDs
  • e.g. also the UID/IDU number in France
  • Repairability index
  • Return and disposal instructions
  • Sorting Information
  • Contact and address data of the distributor
  • Paid contributions to collection and recycling
  • Battery capacity

Is there an EU-wide solution?

No, but there is a minimum standard: throughout the EU, the relevant EU directives on the labeling of electrical appliances, batteries and packaging can be used. These apply in every country and may not be prohibited in any. If you apply them, you have already taken the first step and met the general minimum requirements.

France, Poland, Germany and Italy are the countries with the most extensive requirements. You should definitely have them checked to see if you are meeting them.

How we can help you:

You tell us what you sell and where, and we check your obligations. Contact us for a first free consultation!

What must be on where?

The labeling obligations must be recognizable on all products, their packaging and their accompanying documents. For each type of product, whether textile, packaging, electrical appliance, furniture, mattress, chemical, etc., there are different obligations. These vary according to product type and country, so there is no universal solution. In addition, the requirements change every year. So you have to check again and again whether your labels and information are still up to date, or have been revised in the meantime – maybe even banned!

With regard to all national obligations, a detailed examination of the product, sales market and distribution channels is required, as well as deadlines and requirements with regard to the design, so that there are no breaches of obligations or misunderstandings. An individual check is therefore a prerequisite for achieving 100% legal compliance.

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